Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Keroppi cupcakes

I made some cupcakes and cake balls for our church sale. I decided to do cake balls because I had tonnes of leftover cake scraps in the freezer and cake balls are a great and yummy way to use them up!

All you have to do is mix your cake scraps with leftover frosting and mash them all up to form a 'dough' which you roll into balls and coat with sprinkles or melted chocolate or candy coating or even cocoa powder or icing sugar. I made rum balls before using cake scraps and melted butter instead,  here and they were sinfully delicious!

You can make them and just place them on small paper cups, or you could push lollipop sticks into them, thus turning them into cake pops! Cake pops are all the rage now, ever since they were made popular by the ever creative Bakerella!

Anyway the ones I made for the church sale were kid-friendly and did not contain alcohol. They were chocolate and strawberry flavoured and rolled in chocolate rice and colourful sprinkles respectively.

For the cupcakes, I was inspired by this picture I took off the internet, of candies in Keroppi tins.

I made chocolate cupcakes and topped them with discs of fondant in green, pink and blue. For the eyes, I cut small circles of white fondant and their mouths were made of thinly rolled strips of black fondant. I used even smaller circles of black and pink fondant for the cheeks and pupils.

The design was simple yet effective. Just the way I like it!


  1. i can't help wonder.. do you really bake at night when kids are asleep ? they are missing so much.. or does your cuppies n pops goes missing when u wake up ? I can't resist and by looking at them, I feel like a kiddo again :)

  2. Thanks MeRy..

    Hi Elaine.. I do do most things at night, cos I can't concentrate when they are all over the place!!
    But I do work in the day too when I have not enough time to complete a project... :)
    Once in a while I let them run wild with the fondant like playing play doh and I let Annie and the older cousins bake their own brownies...


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