Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Princess Castle fondant cake

Since I messed up the Belle princess cake topper, I decided to make a castle cake for my niece Michelle's 7th birthday instead.

I baked a chocolate mud cake for the 9" square base and a 6" round strawberry butter cake for the castle's main building. For the four towers, I used small swiss rolls purchased from a bakery. As for the roof of the towers, ice-cream cones were perfect.

After covering all the parts in white fondant, I stacked the circle on top of the square. Then I placed the four rolls upright on the four corners of the base cake and secured them by sticking a bamboo skewer right through, down to the cake board. I tinted some white chocolate with purple colouring and used it to coat the ice-cream cones. Then I placed the cones on the towers.

The windows and doors are made from purple fondant and the writing from buttercream. To top it all off, I stuck the purple feathery boa thingy on the cake board, around the base. That added to the whole girly princess feel.

The sparkly candle made the cake look like the Sleeping Beauty Castle with fireworks overhead!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beauty or the Beast?

Last week I was itching to try some more fondant modelling. Since niece Michelle's birthday was coming up , I thought I would try making one of the Disney princesses which all little girls love so much. I chose Belle from Beauty and the Beast, because she has one of the prettiest and grandest dresses and it is only one colour, yellow, so I save time! :)

I was having fun getting into the groove of things, when I realised that my Belle was growing shorter by the minute! Apparently, my fondant was way too soft and the poor princess was sinking and sagging!

So, I ended up with a princess who looked like she had a growth hormone disorder and no neck!


Will try again when I have the energy and this time I'll use a plastic cone or something as a frame on the inside to provide some support. I'll also make sure the fondant is not too wet.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shaun the Sheep fondant cuppies

I love this blog Every Tuesday she will come up with a fondant cupcake topper and there will be a tutorial to teach us how to do it.

I really love the Wallace and Gromit cake and cuppies she made for her husband's birthday. So I tried making Gromit and Shaun the sheep (I'm assuming Wallace is the bald guy and Gromit is the dog) just for fun.

Her instructions made it really easy to make these two guys. I'm really happy with the way they turned out.

Here Annie tried her hand at modelling and made a birdie.

One set packed and ready to go.

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