Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bert & Ernie's Great Adventures

I grew up watching Sesame Street. I can still remember most of the characters and the songs they sang! Kid's nowadays don't really know what Sesame Street is, but they do know the presently popular spin-offs like Elmo, of course, and Bert & Ernie's great Adventures.

My youngest, Solomon, loves watching Bert & Ernie's Great Adventures every weekday after lunch at Grandpa's place. Bert and Ernie are no longer Muppets, but clay animation, like Shaun the Sheep.

Since I have a special place in my heart for Sesame Street characters, I grabbed the opportunity to make a Bert & Ernie cake for Solomon's birthday. I love it when I get to decide what I am going to make! Hahaha...

So anyway, this cake was also a bit rushed because it was for the party which Solomon shared with Eva. I had to make this cake as well as the Fairy castle one for the same day.

It turned out pretty good, though I only wish I had time to cover the cake board with more black fondant and add in some stars so that their bed looks like it's galloping though the night sky!! That would've been awesome.

So the cake is a small rectangular chocolate cake and is covered in fondant. Bert and Ernie and the bed's headboard are made of gumpaste. For this design, I referred to a picture I had Googled earlier.

Bert and Ernie are adorable, and I especially love Ernie's rubber duckie!!


  1. Oh my!!!!! Such a lo-v-e-ly cake!!! I know I've said this b4, but I must say this again - you are just soooooo talented!


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