Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ladybug II

Eva wanted another ladybug cake for her school celebration. She had one last year, at school as well, and insisted she wanted it again. I didn't argue with her, cause ladybug cakes are the simplest to make! :) Dome shapes are so easy to cover with fondant!

So, I made another one for her and had a chance to improve a little on the design. Here are the pics then...

Everything is made from fondant. I didn't have to use any gumpaste here. The antennae are made from dry spaghetti sticks and balls of black fondant. Everything else is edible.

Usually when my designs require black and red fondant, I use the pre-tinted ones, because it is impossible to get a good shade of black or red by tinting white fondant! You'll get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome first and even then, you will only have black/greyish or dark pinkish fondant!! Then if you add more colour, it will turn all wet and gloppy!

So take my advice, you'll save a lot of time and grief by using pre-tinted fondant when it comes to red and black! :)

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