Thursday, January 27, 2011

Angelina Ballerina

I recently got four of Debbie Brown's books from Singapore. This one is my favourite! It has all the cute children's characters in them.

I couldn't wait to try out one of her designs and the opportunity came when my niece Alaena celebrated her 6th birthday. She had just started ballet lessons the week before, so I thought an Angelina Ballerina cake would be perfect for her!

This is an orange cake with chocolate ganache filling. The cuppies are orange chocolate chip cake with chocolate ganache topping. All the decorations are fondant except for the cloud on top and Angelina. Those are made from gumpaste.

The cuppies were of course easier to make than the main cake. In her book, Debbie Brown gives ideas for a main cake and also mini cakes. I modified her mini cake designs for the cuppies.

The only thing that went wrong while making this cake, was that I stuck on the clouds too high on the sides of the cake. They were too heavy and dragged the fondant down on the sides. Notice the wrinkles at the bottom of the cake. I should have rolled the clouds thinner so they would not be too heavy, and also stuck them all the way at the bottom so some of their weight could rest on the cake board.

I really love this design. I think every little girl would be happy to have this for her birthday!

Oh yes! I also got to use my new non-toxic sparkle dust! What joy! :) I got a small little jar for RM29.90 from Cake Connection.


  1. Hi,

    May I know where to buy Debbie Brown's book in S'pore Or is it possible to purchase online?

    Thanks and regards,

  2. Hi Florinda... you can get them from Kinokuniya in Singapore, but they don't deliver here. Our MPH has some of her books but not the newer ones. Otherwise you can purchase online from they have everything there! only postage will be more expensive.
    Have a good day!

  3. Thank you for your prompt reply Priscilla!
    Truly appreciate that.. is always my dream to make something for my children.. will give it a try on your oatmeal choc chip cookies!

    Best regards,

  4. You're welcome! I just happened to be online then! :)

    Have fun with the cookies!

  5. I have made enquiry.
    You're right, the postage costed more than half of the book's price..
    Any other books you recommend for beginner like me?
    I would like to make purchase in one go...

    Thank you..

  6. Hi Florinda,

    Besides Debbie Brown, Peggy Porschen is good too. Also you can get the Wilton book on fondant cakes as well. A lot of step by step pictures there. You should check if some are available here or not. If not then order from Amazon.

    Check out They're in KL and are sole distributor for Wilton products n should have their books.

    hope that helps!

  7. Thank you so much! So far no luck with MPH and Kikokuniya .. will try Amazon.. ^ ^


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