Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby butterfly

My sister-in-law requested that I make some cupcakes for her best buddy's birthday. She basically gave me free reign and that's what I love best!!

When I am waiting for something or someone or just have time to kill, and only have my phone with me, I like to browse Google images for pretty pictures to download. They give me ideas and inspiration for my cakes. I love simple designs with pretty colours.

For the cupcakes I made for my SIL, I followed the design from this wallpaper:

Cute right? I love how the design is so simple yet extremely effective. The baby butterfly is just simply adorable. I was just waiting for the right occasion to use this design.

So anyway, the cupcakes are the usual chocolate fudge cakes with chocolate ganache topping. The decorations are all done in fondant.

 SIL approved of the final product and I heard that Birthday Girl liked it too! So, hooray!

I love everything about this design, the butterfly, the flowers, the trees, the colours!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Family!

A friend of mine did not know what to get her Hubby for his birthday. I always have that problem as well. I never know what to get for men; ties, socks and boxers are so boring! :)

So she decided to get him some custom designed cupcakes. It would be original and unique. She instructed me to do one of her family, which consisted of herself, her Hubby and a cute daughter and son; the perfect family unit! She wanted the colour theme to be purple.

Since I had another order on the same day, we decided to do simpler 2D faces, instead of whole 3D figurines. I believe that most times, simpler is better and in this case it was true, as the cuppies turned out wonderfully well.

The cupcakes are chocolate cake with a bittersweet chocolate ganache topping. All the decorations are made of fondant.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Toy Story

A client of mine wanted some Bob the Builder cuppies for her son's first birthday. She had seen them on my blog and thought they would be great for the occasion. However, after shopping around for party accessories, she realized that there were not many Bob the Builder  party accessories available, so she changed it to a Toy Story themed party instead.

So, I told her to choose a main character, i.e: Woody vs. Buzz and a few other smaller characters. She preferred Woody and left it to me to decide who else would be included. I chose the 3 Martians cause they're so cute! (read: I spent waaay too much time on Woody and these guys were easier to make!!) hehehe...

Unlike Bob the Builder, I did not have a book with step-by-step directions to follow. I just referred to a few photos which I Googled.

Woody's shirt was kind of hard to make. The red checks on his shirt was drawn on with a red edible marker pen. I had to do it twice. I chucked the first attempt cause the lines were all wrong. I'm not too happy with the neckline of the shirt though. It should be a v-shape. I think next time I'll give him a red scarf to tie around his neck. That would cover the neckline and add a splash of colour.

For this project, I used plenty of dried spaghetti sticks for structure. I hate fretting and worrying that my pieces will fall apart once I've handed them over to the customer, so I've decided I will use as many structural reinforcements as needed, for peace of mind.

The cupcakes were also a bit rushed, because, like I said, I spent too much time on the models, especially Woody! But my client was happy with the results, so all's good! :)

P/S: I forgot to write "ANDY" with black marker on the sole of Woody's boot!

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