Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bert & Ernie's Great Adventures

I grew up watching Sesame Street. I can still remember most of the characters and the songs they sang! Kid's nowadays don't really know what Sesame Street is, but they do know the presently popular spin-offs like Elmo, of course, and Bert & Ernie's great Adventures.

My youngest, Solomon, loves watching Bert & Ernie's Great Adventures every weekday after lunch at Grandpa's place. Bert and Ernie are no longer Muppets, but clay animation, like Shaun the Sheep.

Since I have a special place in my heart for Sesame Street characters, I grabbed the opportunity to make a Bert & Ernie cake for Solomon's birthday. I love it when I get to decide what I am going to make! Hahaha...

So anyway, this cake was also a bit rushed because it was for the party which Solomon shared with Eva. I had to make this cake as well as the Fairy castle one for the same day.

It turned out pretty good, though I only wish I had time to cover the cake board with more black fondant and add in some stars so that their bed looks like it's galloping though the night sky!! That would've been awesome.

So the cake is a small rectangular chocolate cake and is covered in fondant. Bert and Ernie and the bed's headboard are made of gumpaste. For this design, I referred to a picture I had Googled earlier.

Bert and Ernie are adorable, and I especially love Ernie's rubber duckie!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fairy Castle

So for her birthday party at home, Eva wanted the Rainbow Fairy Castle cake which she say in my Debbie Brown book. It's a very elaborate design, a large castle with many towers and seven fairies plus a rainbow!

I didn't think I could pull it off, because Eva was celebrating her birthday with Solomon, which meant I had to make two cakes! So I told her I had to make it smaller  and with only one fairy and also without the rainbow! Luckily she was very understanding and not disappointed at all and was very happy to have a castle cake.

I worked on the cakes right up to the last minute before the party! I'm so glad Eva really loved her castle and the blue fairy she chose from the seven fairies!

The whole thing, especially the fairy was a pretty rushed job, but turned out quite alright. She's a little top heavy, but I love her curly hair.

Ladybug II

Eva wanted another ladybug cake for her school celebration. She had one last year, at school as well, and insisted she wanted it again. I didn't argue with her, cause ladybug cakes are the simplest to make! :) Dome shapes are so easy to cover with fondant!

So, I made another one for her and had a chance to improve a little on the design. Here are the pics then...

Everything is made from fondant. I didn't have to use any gumpaste here. The antennae are made from dry spaghetti sticks and balls of black fondant. Everything else is edible.

Usually when my designs require black and red fondant, I use the pre-tinted ones, because it is impossible to get a good shade of black or red by tinting white fondant! You'll get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome first and even then, you will only have black/greyish or dark pinkish fondant!! Then if you add more colour, it will turn all wet and gloppy!

So take my advice, you'll save a lot of time and grief by using pre-tinted fondant when it comes to red and black! :)
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