Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fairy Castle

So for her birthday party at home, Eva wanted the Rainbow Fairy Castle cake which she say in my Debbie Brown book. It's a very elaborate design, a large castle with many towers and seven fairies plus a rainbow!

I didn't think I could pull it off, because Eva was celebrating her birthday with Solomon, which meant I had to make two cakes! So I told her I had to make it smaller  and with only one fairy and also without the rainbow! Luckily she was very understanding and not disappointed at all and was very happy to have a castle cake.

I worked on the cakes right up to the last minute before the party! I'm so glad Eva really loved her castle and the blue fairy she chose from the seven fairies!

The whole thing, especially the fairy was a pretty rushed job, but turned out quite alright. She's a little top heavy, but I love her curly hair.


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