Friday, January 28, 2011

Angelina Ballerina cuppies

A friend of mine saw my Angelina Ballerina cake, from my previous post, and asked me to make one for her daughter's upcoming birthday. It was such short notice that I initially declined, but after some negotiating, I agreed on making simpler Angelina cupcakes for her instead.

At first, she said that just Angelina's head and some ballet shoes would do, since the cupcakes were small'ish'. But in the end I managed to make a small whole Angelina and it fit nicely on one of the cupcakes. I was thinking that a whole Angelina would make the little birthday girl much, much happier! :)


  1. Priscilla in doing what you are really good at, you have made and will continue making,the kids who are celebrating their birthday, something they would Not forget in a very long time. For all you know, you might also have "planted" a seed in their very impressionable age to be a baker when they grow up, just like A. Priscilla. You have inspired me too though I dont have very much time the first half of the year to really get down to it as having a big function coming up as have to make sure that everything is coming up, smelling like roses, daughter's wedding, I intend to learn same. Thank you my dear for making my morning so beautiful!!! God bless

  2. I just found your blog yesterday and I have been going through your post and I am amazed at your work and to have taught yourself it's like WOW!!!

    I have been on the same journey (my blog a year now teaching myself to decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes etc. I've been baking for years, but just got into the decorating side as I said a year ago and I am having so much fun.

    I sometimes don't think I can do it on my own without taking classes I do pretty good now but after seeing your work it inspires me all the more, keep up the GREAT WORK!!

  3. Hi Ophelia! It would be great if you could pursue fondant decorating when you have the time! i look forward to seeing your wonderful creations!! :)

    Hi Red30... Thanks!!
    I'll go check your blog out too!!

  4. Hi Priscilla! Would you be willing to share how to make Angelina? My daughter is a big fan and I would like to make a cake for her 6th birthday this coming May. Thanks so much!

  5. HI Shaws! I always intend to take step-by-step photos to share, but I am always on such a tight time schedule that I forget! lol
    You could get Debbie Brown's book, that's where I got the instructions... it's a really good book and worth the money!
    If i have the time, I will do a post on how to make Angelina step-by-step *fingers crossed*!! ;)

  6. Thanks so much for replying. I really would like to buy Debbie Brown books but they're not available here in the Philippines. I will check online but I think it will be expensive to ship. I will ask my friend in Singapore if she can buy one for me. I will be looking forward to your beautiful creations :) More power!

  7. Haha, thanks dear. Yes, I bought mine in Singapore. Tell your friend to go to Kinokuniya. You can check out their web page then choose your books so u can give your friend a list! There are so many wonderful books! You can use Amazon first, because it's easier to search there, then list down the books that interest you, then check if they are available at Kinokunya.


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