Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sesame Street

I love Sesame Street. I grew up watching Big Bird and Mr Snuffleupucus (I have no idea how to spell that!)! So when my friend wanted cupcakes for her 2 year-old, I suggested Sesame Street ones and was so happy when she agreed!

It would have been much, much easier to make them out of buttercream. All you had to do was pipe the fur on with a grass tip. But, I decided to use gumpaste to make hard discs for their faces instead. It would definitely be more time consuming and also more difficult, but I thought they would look sooo much nicer. I love clean, simple and neat designs.

So, first off I made the round'ish' gumpaste discs for the faces a couple of weeks ahead. The discs had to have time to harden so they could sit nicely on top of buttercream swirls without bending.

Then I added the fondant features to the faces. This was the most time consuming (but fun) part.

So, I baked a dozen chocolate cupcakes and topped them with large swirls of silky, vanilla flavoured Swiss meringue buttercream.

The faces went on top, and that was that! :)

I do love these little Muppets!


  1. Dear Priscilla, You never fail to amaze me!!! And although I have been baking for 20 odd years, I Never ventured out of my comfort zone as, inspite of just learning Fondant and learning how to make homemade Gum Paste without the necessity of buying Trac.... whatever sorry dont know the spelling, I have yet had the time to do same as primarily quite scared; may need to ask you for tips :) as my New Year Resolution was to dive into this as whenever you post them, I merely oogle at your master pieces and Sesame Street is so cute!!! Do keep up the good work. God bless.

  2. Hi Ophelia! I'm so glad you like my work! I'd be happy to give you any help you need when you decide to venture into fondant! I have tried making my own fondant many times and have some to the conclusion that bought fondant is still much better in terms of texture and colour.


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