Monday, June 25, 2012

Lollipop Candy Cake

I made this cake for my daughter Annie, who turned 11 in May! It was all chocolate cake filled and covered with a yummy Belgian  chocolate ganache. Then on went another layer of fondant, followed by gumpaste details like the lollipops, stripes and cherry on top!

The lollipops were easy to make and yet turned out oh-so-pretty! For the wordings, I used one of  them FMM tappits.

This cake was inspired by one I spied on Amy Atlas' blog here. The cake was by Cupcake Party in Australia, and it's so much prettier than mine! *sigh*

Oh yes, I also love the pretty cherry and the yummy looking drippy chocolate icing! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pink Dinosaur

So a repeat customer requested a pink dinosaur for her daughter's birthday. It was refreshing to do a pink dinosaur, as opposed to the purple dinosaur every kid loves.

She gave me a few pictures to choose from. They were taken off Google images and were those stock photos which are for sale. i chose the cutest one with the biggest head! :)

She wanted a simple 2D cake and I love the result!! I think this beats many of my 3D cakes, so i hope to do more pretty 2D cakes in the future.

Simple cakes with little details must be done as flawlessly as possible, as there aren't many decorations to stick on and cover blemishes. So it is important to ganache the cake perfectly to produce a smooth fondant covering. I think colours also play such an important role. I have to find me a color chart....

Baby TV Cake

I made a Baby TV cake for my little nephew, Adam who turned one in April! I don't know much about Baby TV characters, but my sis said Adam loves Baby Tulli the most! Baby Tulli is apparently a purple slug, I think...

So I made a two tiered cake, the top tier was a  6" round dark chocolate cake and the bottom was an 8" round red velvet cake. I just covered the two tiers in Belgium chocolate ganache, because I thought the brown was a nice 'boy' colour! :)

The number 1 is also actually a Baby TV character. I had to put wires into the arms to give support.

The orange and yellow blobs are also characters from that channel! :)

I added a rainbow for a splash of colour.

Here's my Baby Tulli compared with the 'real' baby Tulli!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I'm not too familiar with Chuggington the train, so I had to Google some images when a friend requested a Chuggington cake for her son.

This is a simple 6" round dark chocolate cake filled and covered with Belgian chocolate ganache before being covered and decorated with fondant.

Project Cupcake

I wanted to experiment on some cake flavours and also a Swiss meringue buttercream recipe, thus I launched Project Cupcake! Hehehe...

It was just a full day of baking different cupcakes and whipping up different frostings.

Here are the fruits off my labour:

A deep, dark, moist chocolate cake
a decadent Belgian chocolate ganache topping.

A fragrant vanilla bean cake
a delicately silky Swiss meringue buttercream frosting.

A fun Oreo crumbs cake
a yummy cookies and cream frosting.

A deliciously moist, light cocoa cake
a rich and fluffy cream cheese frosting.

I have to say, that the Red Velvet is my current favourite! But chocolate has always been an all-time favourite, so it's a tie I guess!!

The kids seemed to gravitate towards the Cookies and Cream ones, so the least popular were the Vanilla cupcakes. To me, vanilla cupcakes just seem boring. I wonder if there's something I'm doing wrong? I'll definitely be looking into more vanilla cake recipes...


Oh man, I'm so super behind on my blog postings, so I'll make a few short posts. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them at the comments box and I'll reply when I have the time!

Here's a Pororo and friends cake. It's a Korean cartoon that is actually quite cute!

This cake was inspired by Mama Min's Pororo cake on her Flickr page.
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