Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pink Dinosaur

So a repeat customer requested a pink dinosaur for her daughter's birthday. It was refreshing to do a pink dinosaur, as opposed to the purple dinosaur every kid loves.

She gave me a few pictures to choose from. They were taken off Google images and were those stock photos which are for sale. i chose the cutest one with the biggest head! :)

She wanted a simple 2D cake and I love the result!! I think this beats many of my 3D cakes, so i hope to do more pretty 2D cakes in the future.

Simple cakes with little details must be done as flawlessly as possible, as there aren't many decorations to stick on and cover blemishes. So it is important to ganache the cake perfectly to produce a smooth fondant covering. I think colours also play such an important role. I have to find me a color chart....


  1. This is too cute!! Love it!

    Carsedra of:

  2. So cute and a really pretty colour!


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