Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bob the Builder

An old schoolmate ordered a dozen chocolate cuppies for her son's 4th birthday. He is a fan of Bob the Builder, and luckily the Debbie Brown Children's Cartoon Character book which I have, includes Bob the Builder. You could make gumpaste figures just by looking at pictures of the character, but it helps so, so much to have step-by-step instructions.

So the cupcakes are chocolate fudge cakes topped with chocolate ganache. They are covered in fondant, and the figures are made from gumpaste.

I love Bob the most, of course. I especially love all the details on his tool belt. Other than the tools, his checkered shirt was pretty time consuming as well. I did not want to cheat and use food markers, because tiny red fondant squares would give a much more solid colour. Food markers would produce ill-defined lines and also could bleed into the yellow. Intricate details are always time consuming, but they really make all the difference!

I made his two friends (Sorry i do not know their names!! The cement mixer is Dizzy or something??) in a bit of a rush, so I'm not that satisfied with the result. I'll try them again soon.


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