Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Princess tiara III

So this is the third tiara cake I've made. It seems that this is a favourite with all young princess-wannabes! :) Even my own girls tell me they want one like this for their next birthday! Though come to think of it, they say that about most every cake they see!

Anyway, I've been making mostly cupcakes and single tier cakes lately, as I find large and multi-tiered cakes too time consuming, considering the fact that I have only one teensy oven (with frustratingly uneven heating, by the way). I usually have to bake in multiple batches and end up taking hours just baking the cake, when all I really want to do is decorate it!!

However, I am in the opinion that tiara cakes are best when tiered. I think it adds to the 'regal-ness' of the cake. So when a customer requested a two-tiered tiara cake, I couldn't say no.

So here's my third tiara cake. It's all chocolate cake, bottom 7" and top 6". The cakes are covered in soft fondant. I made the tiara a week ahead, from gumpaste, so that it would have time to dry nice and hard. This time I used more dried spaghetti to attach the curly bits to the main frame of the tiara, in an attempt to make the structure a sturdy as possible.

My client loved the cake and I hope it helped make her daughter's birthday a memorable one! :)

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