Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lovey-dovey sweet surprise

I got an online order from a girl who wasn't in town. She wanted a dozen chocolate cupcakes for her boyfriend's birthday. It was going to be a surprise.

My client asked if I could call him to him on that day, and tell him to come and pick up a package from my shop. (I own a pharmacy, not a bakery, so that would throw anyone off a bit!) Under no circumstances was I allowed to tell him who it was from! I didn't mind helping her out, cause it sounded like fun! :)

The problem was, on the day  itself, this guy did not answer his phone!! I called a dozen times and left plenty of messages! It was night, by the time I got him and he managed to get to my shop just before it closed!!

After receiving his 'package', he called me and tried to get me to tell him who it was from! I played my part and told him I did not know as it was ordered online! :)

Anyway, my client said he found out in the end and it was a pleasant birthday surprise!

I love playing a part in 'love' and 'happiness'! :)

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