Friday, February 17, 2012

Jerome & Belle

A couple of our good friends tied the knot last December. I had the honour of making their wedding cake as well as preparing a dessert table! This was my first try at a full dessert table and I was mega excited! I love ogling at the dessert tables on My Sweet & Saucy and Amy Atlas' blogs. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous....

Well anyway, Belle loves butterflies, and the theme was red and gold. So we came up with a three deep-tiered cake design, incorporating red roses, red ribbons and gold butterflies.

I started making the roses and butterflies a few weeks ahead of the event. The workshop with Alan Dunn helped a lot when it came to making the roses. I tried making them as huge as possible. It was a lot of tedious work, but the resulting roses were beautiful.

I cut the butterflies using my Patchwork cutters. I then let them dry on folded paper and dry brushed them with gold luster  powder.

The top two tiers are polystyrene dummies. I find since I am a one man show, I do not have enough time to use real cakes for huge orders. We want the cakes to be as fresh as possible, yet we need plenty of time to perfect the decoration. So I think that using dummies is a good compromise. I would of course love a wholly edible cake, but until I have a whole team of bakers working for me (and not to mention proper, big ovens) this will have to do! Hahaha...

Anyway, the bottom tier was a lovely, moist orange cake with chocolate ganache frosting. The bride didn't want too much cake anyway, since there was already going to be a dessert table.

So that was the cake.

Here's the dessert table. We arrived a little late, and I was frantically working to finish the setting up before guests arrived. I did not know how to transport so many cupcakes, so I iced them there on site! Luckily Hubby was there to give me a hand! We were still doing the final touches when guests started arriving! That's why I didn't get any decent photos!

I made chocolate and red velvet cupcakes, orange chocolate cake pops and vanilla almond sugar cookies. The cookies were heart shaped and embossed with the letters J & A. I also placed some peppermints in a nice glass stand and red roses in a glass vase.

The display cake on top of the cupcake stand was designed to tie in with the wedding cake decor. This too was made from a polystyrene dummy.

I do love dessert tables and can't wait for the next opportunity to do another one!

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