Thursday, January 6, 2011

High heel cake

A friend of mine wanted a birthday cake for her sister-in-law who was turning 22. She told me that the birthday girl loved shopping and shoes. So I decided to make a high heel cake for her.

I did some research on the net and found a very useful video on YouTube, by The Pink Cakebox, a bakery that does amazing cakes in the US. It comes in three parts, here's the link to the first part, and you will find the links to part 2 and 3 there as well.

So I did as instructed; bought a brand new (cheap of course) pair of  heels and stripped the tops off. Then I used gumpaste to form the gumpaste heel and left it on the real shoe to dry.

I think I rolled the gumpaste out too thin, so when I removed the gumpaste heel from the real shoe weeks later, it broke into two! :(

But no matter, I just glued the two pieces back and used some fondant rolls at the bottom of the heel to support and keep the two pieces together.

The shoebox is made from a coffee flavoured madeira cake and covered with black and white fondant. I used pink fondant for the writing, but it was too light and did not stand out on a white background. Next time I must remember to use darker colours for writing. 

This cake was only one of three which my friend ordered on the same day. They liked this one the best. I liked the Sesame street cupcakes the most. I'll put those in my next post.

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