Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Banana rum cheesecake

For our 10th anniversary, two days after Christmas, I made a banana rum cheesecake. The recipe is courtesy of my friend Ophelia. You can find it on her blog, where she so graciously shares so many of her wonderful recipes.

The cheesecake was scrumptiously rich, with delightful chunks of bananas and laced with rum. I love anything banana; banana cake, banana muffins, banana chips, banana cereal...  you get the drift. Not only was it loaded with banana, but it was topped with a chocolate ganache as well! My kind of heaven... *sigh*

You can find her recipe here, on her blog, where she provides in-depth instruction which is very helpful. The only changes I made was to soak the raisins in the rum first and I left the prepared crust in the freezer for about 15 minutes before topping with the cheese mixture (I didn't have enough time to leave it overnight). I also used walnuts instead of pecans, because they're so hard to find here.

A banana rum cheesecake will no doubt be more exotic and less popular than the usual safe choices like New York cheesecake, or chocolate cheesecake. But for those who like it, they will really love it! I had a guest who was so amazed by it that she asked me if she could order one!

So what are you waiting for? Get the recipe and have a go at it!


  1. Hi Priscilla I feel so humbled and, yet, at the same time have this warm, lovely, bubbly feeling by this posting. It is so great to be blogged about my passion for baking by another fellow baker and the most beautiful part is that you, have baked my Banana Rum Cheesecake and loved it. This is my main purpose of sharing my recipe, I want the visitors of my blog to do it and then comment on whether they loved the cake or not. Thank you my dear fren and BTW I am a Banana "junkie" and will, in due course, post a Banana Chocolate Moussee in your honour and certainly it really feels great to be blogged twice in a matter of 6 months; first by my ex colleagues when I went to visit her with my Tiramisu and now Priscilla. Once again thanks for same. God bless.

  2. I only had a chance to taste a spoonful and that's even not enough coz Hughie was already grouchy!
    It's nice. Can make some more like CNY eve??
    ha ha ...

  3. Hi Ophelia.. I believe it's only right that I give credit where credit is due!
    As you can see above, my sister-in-law likes your recipe too so will make again CNY eve if I have the time! ;)
    Haha.. nice to know you're a banana junkie as well!I look forward to your banana chocolate mousse cake!!
    I found a recipe for banana upside down cake... all syrupy and gooey... hope I'll get around to trying it someday, if I do I will post it here!

  4. Hi Girl! I was thinking of you when I made the cake, cos I know you like all things spiked!! ;)
    hahaha... yes, will make for CNY eve hopefully... got leftover cream cheese in the fridge anyway...


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