Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Princess Castle fondant cake

Since I messed up the Belle princess cake topper, I decided to make a castle cake for my niece Michelle's 7th birthday instead.

I baked a chocolate mud cake for the 9" square base and a 6" round strawberry butter cake for the castle's main building. For the four towers, I used small swiss rolls purchased from a bakery. As for the roof of the towers, ice-cream cones were perfect.

After covering all the parts in white fondant, I stacked the circle on top of the square. Then I placed the four rolls upright on the four corners of the base cake and secured them by sticking a bamboo skewer right through, down to the cake board. I tinted some white chocolate with purple colouring and used it to coat the ice-cream cones. Then I placed the cones on the towers.

The windows and doors are made from purple fondant and the writing from buttercream. To top it all off, I stuck the purple feathery boa thingy on the cake board, around the base. That added to the whole girly princess feel.

The sparkly candle made the cake look like the Sleeping Beauty Castle with fireworks overhead!


  1. How did you ever manage to make such nice cakes or figurines?! My fondant always too hard or too soft. Also, always fall off at the rim part ... sien. Your patience is as thick as Great Wall of China!

  2. look carefully.. mine also cracks at the rim! the other side even worse! had to tampal with small bits of fondant!! but don photograph the back la!! hehehe...I think next time I'll trim the rim to a ore rounded edge.. it's also driving me crazy! For the Belle, I added some gum tragacanth to the fondant, supposed to make it more pliable.. but by the time I add colour.. too soft.. how to find the balance?

  3. This gum thingy out of stock la. When did you get yours? Any plans to get more things? If so.. we order together. I have to control my purchase. About to declare bankruptcy!

  4. I got that from very first order but don use it much.. hehe I jus ordered stuff again n came today!! so happy! so much for self control....
    :) got 8 icing colours n garden tone 4 colours and food markers!! I think order together also not much diff cos add a bit stuff shipping fee also increase quite a bit! :P telling myself no more....


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