Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beauty or the Beast?

Last week I was itching to try some more fondant modelling. Since niece Michelle's birthday was coming up , I thought I would try making one of the Disney princesses which all little girls love so much. I chose Belle from Beauty and the Beast, because she has one of the prettiest and grandest dresses and it is only one colour, yellow, so I save time! :)

I was having fun getting into the groove of things, when I realised that my Belle was growing shorter by the minute! Apparently, my fondant was way too soft and the poor princess was sinking and sagging!

So, I ended up with a princess who looked like she had a growth hormone disorder and no neck!


Will try again when I have the energy and this time I'll use a plastic cone or something as a frame on the inside to provide some support. I'll also make sure the fondant is not too wet.

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