Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Big Purple Dinosaur

I knew I would be doing this guy sooner or later! :)

A good friend of mine wanted a Barney cake, any Barney cake, as long as it had Barney on it, for her adorable little boy who was turning 2 and obviously a Barney fan!

So I couldn't wait to try out another Debbie Brown design. This time it was a carved Barney cake with three mini 'gift' cakes.

I started out with two 8" square American chocolate cakes and cut out the gifts and Barney's body. I then covered them in fondant. Barney's arms, feet and head as well as the gift bows are wholly gumpaste.

Everything turned out pretty good initially. Then, one arm which was supposed to be held up collapsed, so I just stuck both arms to his sides instead. Then I think the weight of the arms was too much for the purple fondant covering that it began to sag!!! *horror!!*

It was also a very wet and rainy day, so the gumpaste gift bows began softening and losing their shape as well! Barney ended up looking like a middle-aged man with a saggy beer gut!! Also, his arms were lengthening and reaching his legs!! I put the air-cond on and prayed really hard then! I felt so bad to hand over a saggy Barney to the little birthday boy!!

I was stressed out the whole day, hoping that Barney's skin wouldn't fall apart before the birthday boy cut the cake! Thank goodness my friend reported that there was no further damage! I still feel so bad though. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I want my 'customers' to have nothing less than perfection. I don't know what exactly went wrong, it's most likely the weather, but I will have to try this again until I get it right!

I do love his eyes though...

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