Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Princess Aurora

Last week, I got my biggest order ever. It was for a small Princess Aurora cake and 9 dozen cupcakes, which makes 108 altogether!

I was worried I could not handle the workload, but my client had requested for very simple designs for the cupcakes, so I figured it would most probably be doable... though I would definitely be losing some sleep over it!! :)

So anyway, her little daughter was turning 6 and she was of course, a princess fan. Her favourite was Princess Aurora from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. So her mum requested for Aurora on a 6" round cake in light pink and purple colours. The cupcakes were to be in the same pastel shades.

The cupcakes and cake were both American chocolate. Princess Aurora has an upside down cupcake under her skirt. The rest of her is made from gumpaste.

I like how her hands turned out... chubby and cute.


  1. I love all the pretty pastel colours on the cupcakes and your princess is very cute!

  2. Well done Priscilla. I love her face esp her mouth and the skirt.


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