Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eva's 3rd Birthday - Pink Minnie Mouse cake

Today is Eva's birthday. I decided to make a smaller cake accompanied by cupcakes because I find large cakes are so much more work. Eva loves Mickey and Minnie mouse, so I made a pink Minnie mouse cake for her to bring to school.

First, I had to make a cake stand to accommodate a cake and also cupcakes. So I nailed two cake boards onto a piece of sawed off broomstick and... Viola! No need for a RM100++ cupcakes stand from Wilton!

Anyways, I didn't have much time, so I made a chocolate mud cake which was easy and I didn't have to waste time waiting for the butter to reach room temperature. I made a 7" round cake and 9 cupcakes.

I covered the cake with pink fondant and put white dots. Then I wrote with fresh cream and stuck a Minnie Mouse sticker on the top with the aid of a bamboo skewer. I piped a shell border with fresh cream. I'm still quite crappy when it comes to piping.

For the cuppies, I just did big swirls of fresh cream and stuck in Mickey Mouse shapes cut out of a black plastic/paper sort of material which I found at the stationery shop. Then I tied pink ribbons round the cups.

I loved the final assembled product. However, while transporting it to school, I dropped the tray of cuppies! It was a grand mess.. *sigh* Luckily the top tier was salvageable so Eva still had a cake to cut in the end! Poor thing, I'll make another for her this Sunday when we celebrate her's and Solomon's birthday with the family.

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