Saturday, July 25, 2009

Claire's 4th Birthday - Hello Kitty cake

We celebrated Claire's 4th birthday yesterday. I made two cakes for her; one to bring to school and another for the party that night.

She requested for Hello Kitty cakes, so I made one with a 3D model of Kitty and another with an appliqued Kitty.

I baked two 9" round chocolate fudge cakes. I used the recipe from The Cake Bible and I think this is the yummiest one so far. I iced and filled the cakes with a light chocolate ganache.

This time round, I got the rolled fondant recipe just right. It's texture was wonderfully soft and pliable. It was a delight to work with. There wasn't a crack in sight; just a few air bubbles. I made the 3D model and the flowers a few days ahead of time, so that they would be nice and dry when I needed them.

All in all, I think this is my best work yet, so far.


  1. Hey Ah Pau.. Well done. Looks amazing..
    Did you 'pop' the air bubbles? Love the 3d hello kitty :)

  2. Hey Joanne.. Thanks! Ya popped it w needle. I really love your work..inspirational! You should check out this Flickr group pool;

    Plenty of ideas!

  3. Wow love the Hello Kitty cake u made!! Loving what you made here too, awesome cake :) Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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