Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eva and Solomon's Birthday - Mickey & Minnie cake

Eva turned three on 4/8/09 and Solomon one on 13/8/09. So we had a combined celebration on Sunday. Since I dropped Eva's last cake, I thought I'ld make the same design again, with just a few small changes. Then hubby suggested a similar one for Solomon, except in blue (of course).

So, I made two 7" round cakes; chocolate fudge for Solomon, filled with chocolate ganache and strawberry butter for Eva, filled with fresh strawberries and cream. Then I made strawberry and also chocolate mud cupcakes.

The cakes were covered with pink and blue fondant and also white polka dots. Then I stuck in a Minnie sticker (recycled from the last disaster) for Eva and a baby Mickey one for Solomon. The cuppies were topped with simple fresh cream swirls and decorated with sprinkles, mickey shaped cut-outs and whole strawberries.

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