Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Princess Tiara Fondant Birthday Cake

My niece Alaena celebrated her 5th birthday last Sunday. She's a pretty, young lady who loves looking beautiful! So I knew she would love a girly tiara cake full of sparkle and fluff!

I baked two round American Chocolate cakes. The bottom tier was 9" and the top was 6". I covered the tiers with purple and pink fondant.

The tiara is hand made from gumpaste. I initially intended to use a plastic toy tiara, but couldn't find one! I had no time to go around searching, because we were busy with house renovations and also a close friend's wedding. Thus, I made the tiara, without knowing if it would harden right and turn out okay. Luckily it turned out fine, though I had to use 3 toothpicks for extra support.

I also only had 2 hours to assemble the cake, as we had partied till 3-4am the night before, after the wedding dinner! Thank goodness for toothpicks; an essential and oh-so-flexible cake decorating tool! (If you look carefully you can see that the cake is also slanting a bit! I had no time to rectify that!)

The whole cake is edible except for the toothpicks, the pink fur trim at the bottom, and the dowel rods in the bottom tier which is used to support the top tier.

I love the overall look of the finished product.


  1. Priscilla, the cake look extremely nice.

    Have you ever consider to open a bakery shop?

  2. Hi! Ya I have considered, but it's so much work, and takes up too much time! :) Too many things on my hands now anyway, might do this on the side when the kids are a bit older! :)

  3. Omg...... that is so, so pretty !!!! You really have talent for this.


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