Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Alastair & Esther

So the first cake for 2012 was a wedding cake for Alastair and Esther. It was a two-tiered cake, with extra deep tiers. The cake was a moist red velvet cake with a light cream cheese frosting.

The bride had a red rose featured on her dress, according to the groom, so I was to replicate that on the cake. They also gave me a porcelain topper to place on top of the cake.

So since the theme was red and white, I covered the cake in white soft fondant and framed the bases in red satin ribbon. A huge, red gumpaste rose was secured to the side. I also added small pink blossoms, trailing around the cakes. I did not want the blossoms to be red, so that the rose would stand out.

The cute Betty Boop-like topper completed the whole ensemble.

I had to go to the restaurant to do the set up. Luckily Annie came with me to help carry some of my things. Thanks dear :)


  1. This is beautiful cake!!

    Carsedra of:


  2. Very nice wedding cake! How long will a red velvet cake last?

  3. Hi! Red Velvet can last about 5-7 days at room temperature, but if you freeze the cake, it can last for weeks.

  4. Very nice! Would like to know how did you cover the extra tall tiers? Using the usual top-down method of covering fondant?

  5. Hi! Sorry for the late reply! Yes, I use the upside down ganache method, then cover in fondant.


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