Thursday, December 23, 2010

Music note cake

A friend ordered a cake from me, for the12th anniversary of her music society. She wanted a grand three tier cake with a large music note on top and the name of their society written in Chinese characters and also the number 12. She also requested that the colours of her society; pale green, blue and yellow be incorporated into the design.

I made the music note by first cutting out the shape from styrofoam. Then I covered the styrofoam note in black fondant and left that out to dry. The top tier was also made from styrofoam. That I covered in white fondant and put a pale blue number12 on it.

The middle tier is American chocolate cake. This tier I covered in pale yellow and wrote out the Chinese characters using black fondant. I can't write in Chinese, so my characters were not that great! :)

The bottom tier is butter cake. I covered it in white fondant and stuck on pale green stripes.

The event was covered by a Chinese newspaper, so my cake made it to the local papers! *hooray*


  1. Good job Priscilla and to have yr cake in the news, that takes the cake!!! I am so proud of your achievement esp when you say that you are self taught :) :) :) Keep up the good work. Juanita/Ophelia

  2. Thanks Ophelia! I tried your banana rum cheesecake recipe for Christmas and it was great!Will write about it soon

  3. What did u make the 12 out of?

  4. Hi, the no.12 and chinese characters were made out of fondant ropes. Very easy...


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