Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fairy and flowers

So I've kinda started making cakes for sale now. I'm taking it slow, as I'm still not sure if I can handle the workload with the limited free time I have. Now it's mostly just orders from friends, so it's not as daunting... friends are more forgiving!! :)

Well, anyhow, a friend wanted a fairy cake, like the last one I made, except with lots of spring flowers. She also wanted the cake to be in soft pastel shades. It was for her little girl who would also be dressed up in fairy wings for her big day! How adorable...

I'm trying to make my models more refined and less chunky. Thus, I'm adding more gum into my gumpaste so I can make slimmer limbs and torsos.

 The flowers were pretty easy to make, I used the blossom cutter/ ejector thingy. I had to make a whole bunch of them though, to cover the cake. I didn't count, but there were definitely more than a hundred... maybe two?

For her skirt, again I used the large daisy cutter, but this time I made it two layers, so it could be two-toned which is so much nicer, in my opinion.

I'm also very happy that I've learned how to use my FMM lower case alphabet cutters. The last time I tried using them, the fondant kept getting stuck, and I got really frustrated. This time I used plenty of cornstarch to make sure it wouldn't stick, and it turned out to be quite easy to use! I love the letters produced using these cutters!

So here's the fairy and flowers cake...

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