Monday, November 15, 2010

Dessert tables

I recently discovered the website of "Sweet & Saucy", a wonderful bakery situated at Long Beach, California. They do weddings and parties for the rich and famous, like Tori Spelling and John Stamos! Besides having marvelous cakes, they also do mini desserts which are set up on gorgeous dessert tables! Go and have a look at the pictures on their website, it's really dreamy!

So I was totally inspired and wanted to try making small matching treats to go with my niece's "Fairy" cake. As usual, time was a factor for me, i.e. something I'm always short of! So, aside from the cake, I only managed to make some sugar cookies, cake balls and cupcakes.

Here are the pics:


  1. Lovely, i had always wanted to do some nice cupcakes but still unable to accomplish my wish.

  2. Thanks Agnes, you should just go and try, it's fun!

  3. pretty n yummilicious...ive tot of doin sumthg like dis for my wedding. bt i am not creative enuf to come up with anythg. i like the whole ideas of candy n lollies n gummys n cuppies n stufs.

  4. Kelly you MUST check out the link to Sweet and Saucy! SOooooo many wedding ideas! go go go!

  5. The photos are all so nice I wish I could get married again!! LOL


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