Monday, November 1, 2010

Colourful Gift

A friend requested I make an anniversary cake for her Aunt and Uncle. Initially, I declined, as I was busy that same weekend with the Kitty cake. However, the night before, as I baked the cake and cuppies for the Kitty project, I overestimated, doubled the recipe and ended up with too many cuppies and an extra cake!

The extra cuppies I froze so that the kids could bring them to school over the week and I thought I had better not keep the extra cake as well, as I do not want my kids to feed on too much sweet stuff!

So, I asked my friend if she still needed that cake and she did. Since I had a gumpaste bow I had made ahead of time, I turned the cake into a colourful gift.

The cake is the usual American Chocolate. There are two 6" rounds, leveled, torted and crumb-coated with chocolate buttercream. I covered the cake with orange fondant and stuck on two strips of yellow fondant for the ribbon. Then I placed circles of green fondant for the wrapping paper and placed the bow and gift tag. The "Happy Anniversary" is written with a red edible ink marker. I'm still not crazy about my penmanship...

Anyway, I do love the colour combination here. Really funky and cheerful! Hope they liked it!

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