Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fondant fun

Hidey ho! I'm Henrietta the Hippo!

My niece Amelie specifically requested for a pink hippo for her 3rd birthday! I didn't have time to make her a whole cake because her birthday was the day after my huge wedding cake project. It was also her sister, Amanda's birthday!

So I just made her a pink hippo to put on top of her bought cake and let Amanda make her own fondant teddy bear. The other kids also joined in the fun and helped create this one of a kind masterpiece!

We also celebrated Father's Day a week earlier since Big Sis. was home. I made a simple fondant cake from the extra orange madeira cake I had leftover from the wedding cake project. We then topped it with an octopus Annie made and jammed on some gumpaste decorations leftover from previous projects.

Happy Falker Satherhood everyone! :)

(If that didn't make sense... go here!)


  1. wow great site -- your cakes are really great-looking, you've done some fantastic things with fondant! I'm impressed.


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