Sunday, May 17, 2009

Annie's birthday cake

 On Friday, we celebrated my daughter Annie's 8th birthday. I wanted to make a special fondant cake for her. I baked four layers of chocolate cake (two 6" rounds and two 9" rounds) and made a two tiered cake. I was inspired by the candy cake design from one of my Wilton books.

I used the fondant recipe which I got off the blog "Zoe bakes". The taste and texture of the fondant was good, and it also didn't use any shortening (trans fat), but it could not stand up to the heat and humidity of our climate. Even though I kept the air-conditioning on, the fondant began to sweat and wilt after awhile.

I am therefore now out on a hunt for the right fondant recipe. Hope I can find one just right for our weather here.

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