Thursday, May 21, 2009

Allyson's birthday cake

This was a last minute cake for my niece Allyson's party tonight, so I didn't have time to use fondant. I baked a chocolate mud cake, using a recipe I found on the internet and have been dying to try. The batter was really watery and I was worried the texture would go wrong, like my Devil's Food Cake disaster. Instead, it turned out to be surprisingly light and moist.

The filling is a yummy chocolate truffle and I iced it with the easy packaged type of non-dairy topping. I wanted very strong primary colours for the decoration so I had to add a lot of food colouring. I think I'll look for food colouring paste, instead of liquid, the next time I hit the shops.

I will be needing much more practice in piping icing, but I think overall it turned out okay for an amateur. I like the sides of the cake, but am not too happy with the top. I was just itching to use my lovely sprinkles. From now on I think I'll just leave the sprinkles for cupcakes.

The cream curdled a bit while I was doing the big round dots which are supposed to be balloons! I have no idea why. I could have overwhipped the mix or added too much liquid in the form of food colouring. I also realised I used the wrong tip for the border. I used the star instead of the shell. Learning... learning...

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