Thursday, March 22, 2012

Professional photographs

I just had to post these photos! It's amazing how a professional photographer can make your creations look so good!!!

These were taken by Edwin Lay Photography during Jerome and Belle's wedding in my last post. I sure wish I could take photos like these...

The quality isn't so great cause I saved these off Facebook.

The frantic last-minute piping! I seldom get shots of me at work, since I can't photograph myself... So this is nice, even though it just show's my hand! lol

See? This is what I mean; why didn't I think of shooting from this cool angle??

Orange chocolate cake balls coated in Belgium chocolate. Orange and chocolate are one of my favourite flavour combinations!!

Vanilla almond sugar cookies iced with fondant and embossed with "A & J", using a stamp I had made.

Sweet... can't wait till the next dessert table...


  1. Hi Priscilla, HOLY SMOKE! I was so thrilled and excited see you dropped by my pondok. You MIA more than 2 years, I think.
    I got no link so couldn't drop by.
    Thank you for remembering me.

    Re the pics, very nice. Anyway, it is never the camera, no matter how good or is always the person behind the camera.
    To be able to see what others don't.
    And to remember, most people take pictures, while the few create pictures.

    You can do it, look at whatever, study few minutes, see how you like the pic to come out, sometimes have to kneel down or sit or even lie down to take that shot, just do it.

    And you know when your photograph is very good?
    When someone says, "I love it"! Or, "is that really me"?

    My hobby is portrait photography. I take portraits of women, mature ones, make them beautiful thru my camera lens.
    My reward?
    "Lee! I don't believe thats me"!
    Thats it! Have fun and keep a song in your heart.
    ps, don't you dare go MIA again, ha ha.

  2. Hi Uncle Lee!! Thanks for dropping by! Has it been 2 years? Well.. almost I think! Time really flies huh?

    I've been pretty busy lately and don't blog or catch up on other blogs as often anymore! I privatized my other blog, The Adventures of Supermum and will send you an invitation if I can find your email address on your blog!

    Have a great day Uncle Lee!


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