Monday, October 24, 2011

ICCA Annual Wedding Cake Competition 2011

So SIL and I went to KL for a week for our first ever formal cake decorating workshop at ICCA (International Centre of Cake Artistry). We have both  never been to any cake decorating or baking workshop before and it was an amazing experience indeed! I will detail that in the next post.

Anyway, we took a flight to KL on Sunday, the day before the course was to start. We were initially supposed to arrive in the evening, but decided to change our flight to an earlier one in order to catch the last day of the Annual Wedding Cake Competition organized by ICCA.

We do not regret paying the extra money to change the flights, because the cakes at the show were just simply magnificent! SIL and I were snapping away with our cameras! We even had to trudge around with all our luggage, as it was still too early to check into our hotel! :)

Well, here are some of  the amazing entries:

Here are some of my favourites which did not win any prizes:

I think this was the one unbelievably created by a 13-year old!

This Beauty & The Beast cake was gorgeous! Look at her dress and their faces!

This was adorable, not to mention intricate and amazingly detailed!

Here are the winners:

3rd place: The colourful flowers are just gorgeous! She obviously likes Ron Ben Israel's style.

Second place goes to this magnificent creation. I love his painting and intricate royal icing string work! Apparently his girlfriend is the 3rd place winner and both of them are veterans in the cake decorating world. Check out his blog Vinism Sugar Art to see his other masterpieces!

And the first place goes to.... *drumroll*... Kris, my friend from Thailand! I'm so happy for him, he only started dabbling in fondant 9 months ago and look at his mind-blowing cake! Besides being so intricate, the design is totally original and unique! He wins an 8-day trip to Squires Kitchen, UK! I'm so jealous!! Hahahaha...

I met Kris when we were both digging through the same cake decorating books in the Kinokuniya bookstore in Bangkok, and we ended up exchanging blog addresses. Go check out his blog, Bake in Paris.

Congratulations again Kris! Hope you'll join the UK one as well!! That would be so exciting!!
So that was the cake competition... I'll tell you about the workshops we attended next!

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