Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Groovy Papa

I had a last minute order the other day. A client called me two nights before her dad's 60th birthday bash and told me she needed some cupcakes for the special occasion. I told her that due to the lack of time, it would have to be a 2D design.

She told me that she wanted a 70's disco theme and her dad loved music and guitars. She specially requested for red Fender guitars. I had no idea what those were and had to Google it! :) Turns out they're those classic red and white electric guitars!

I was actually quite busy with another order that weekend, but the idea of a disco theme got me hooked!

The cupcakes are chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and the decorations are fondant, except for the guitars and dancing couple. Those are gumpaste. The dancing couple did not have enough time to harden, so I had to use a wee bit of spaghetti sticks to hold up the lady's arm.

I love the final look of the whole ensemble. My client was happy and she says everyone especially loved the guitars!

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