Monday, September 27, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake

I made a Strawberry Shortcake themed cake for my niece Michelle who turned 8 last week. Strawberry Shortcake herself and the miniature strawberry shortcake on a cake stand in front of her are made of gumpaste. (*phew* that's a lot of "cake" in one sentence!)

I really enjoyed making the miniature cake. I might just make some more for fun! :)

So anyway, the main cake is madeira cake, strawberry flavoured of course, with strawberry jam filling. I then crumb-coated it with buttercream, and covered it with fondant.

I found these oh-so-adorable, green-striped cupcake cases. So, I of course had to make some matching cupcakes to go with the cake. These are just madeira cupcakes with strawberry flavoured fresh cream topping.

I'm happy to report that Michelle loved the Strawberry Shortcake figurine. Only the kids are not so crazy about the cake. So far, American chocolate cake seems to be the most loved. So, I'm now going to work on finding yummier cake and frosting recipes which are also firm enough to hold the weight of fondant.

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