Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ladybird, ladybird

I made a ladybird cake for Eva to bring to school for her birthday. I baked a plain madeira cake in my stainless steel mixing bowl to get a dome shape. The dome turned out a bit too flat though, so I will be keeping my eyes out for a smaller mixing bowl, to produce more defined dome shaped cakes for future ladybirds!

I leveled and torted the cake and filled and crumb coated it with strawberry jam. Then I covered a third in black fondant, and another two thirds in red. I used pre-dyed fondant, because black and red are the hardest colours to tint. Then I added the spots and the eyes. I think I should have added a mouth, but had no idea how a ladybird's mouth is supposed to look like!

I covered the board with green fondant and used two balls of black fondant and curled wires for the antennae. Since I couldn't decide where to write Eva's name, I used some cupcakes instead for writing her name and also for sticking in the candles.


  1. Hi Priscilla, hey, thats a lovely cake. Never seen one like this before too.
    Bet the kids in school will go overboard for it. How to win friends, ha ha.
    Your kids look great....
    Have a pleasant week, Lee.

  2. Hi Lee! Nice to see you at my cake blog! Thanks for the compliments! You have a great week too!


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