Saturday, November 7, 2009

Scuba Diving Instructor's Fondant Birthday Cake

Our diving instructor celebrated his birthday last night. I made a chocolate banana cake with a fondant figurine of him on top. I used a new modelling paste recipe which is so far the best I have tried, so I think I'll stick to this recipe. I also intend to try modelling with bought fondant because I've never tried it before, due to the fact that everyone says it tastes horrible! However, I met a friend at the party who is also into cake decorating; and she said it actually tastes better than home-made fondant! So I'll give it a go someday. If it has better texture and dries right, it would save me so much time and heartache!

Anyway, I made the figurine a day ahead and everything was fine until I moved it to the top of the cake; his legs broke off... *sigh* I didn't have any more time to patch it up, so we'll just say his pants tore... :)

I made some cuppies because I just had to use the new cupcake cases I bought. They're super cute medium-sized polka dot ones which come in green and yellow! I made choc coffee mudcake cuppies and topped them with choc ganache and fondant fish, lobsters and whales. They're a bit messy because we were already late for the party! (I've lost the pics!! Long story...)

Oh yes, please excuse the crappy photos because these were taken with hubby's phone. I dropped our camera and cracked the LCD display, so it's being repaired!

Here's the real guy! (notice this photo is sooo much nicer; someone else took it with those big SLR camera thingies)

Here's another great shot by Kelly.


  1. Hi Priscilla,

    I was impressed with your creativity @ Ed's b'day. I've been looking for someone to do this sort of decor for a while now. I'm planning a surprise b'day for a friend and I was wondering if I could ask you to do a cake for me (using a fondante figurine as you call it?) with a bikini lady eating a tub of Ben & Jerry's? I hope to rcv a reply from you as soon as possible as the party is this sat. Cheerz!

  2. btw.. pls reply to me @


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